My Unicorn

So we’re sitting in this very low-key wine bar in the Hayes Valley neighborhood of San Francisco last winter when I first laid eyes on the Unicorn – a sculpture, made using & twisting a whole lot of wire. Jaime and our friend Shannon (who introduced us to the establishment), both agreed I was out of my mind wanting to buy the Unicorn but they couldn’t have been more wrong.  I bought it about 20 minutes later and, when artist Tara Knutson’s show finished, the piece was mine!  She wrote  a few months later when I told her that I had bought the piece and would be photographing it and she told me (much to Jaime and Shannon’s vindication), that she actually wasn’t originally going to put it in the show because it was a bit too ridiculous and thought I might have put it in a kid’s room because her friends with kids seemed to like it the most. Anyhow…I think it’s flippin’ rad.  Here it is and it is NOT in my son’s room, it’s in my man-cave/music listening lounge.  Can I get a witness?!!!

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