My New (Old) Camera

So I find a beautiful, mint condition Mamiya Universal camera, a camera I spent many nights dreaming about, I shoot three packs of instant film through it, LOVE it, and then something unique and very disturbing happens…I drop it.

Falling from the back seat of my buddy Jim’s truck onto hot, hard, desert asphalt, the camera hits hard and my heart was immediately in my throat.  Sad times.  Moving on, I managed to remember some invaluable tips from good buddy Kenn at Camera Exposure San Diego on how to fix bent lenses and shattered polaroid backs and my beautiful Mamiya Universal is once again back in action!
Here are a few from my first packs of film.  They are family and friends and some from beautiful Lake Isabella, Kern County, CA.
_FV_2820.jpg SCAN0014.jpg SCAN0013.jpg SCAN0012.jpg


SCAN0002.jpg SCAN0003.jpg SCAN0006.jpg SCAN0007.jpg SCAN0008.jpgSCAN0009.jpg

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