Meet Raynor

Introducing Raynor.  AKA Raynor the Red.  AKA The Ruiner of Plans. This little one is determined, curious, adorable… and stubborn.  The plan was simple.  I was going to come over right around a feeding time.  Babies are most quiet and content right after a feeding.  We’d take some low key photos and then as he drifted off into milk induced sleep land, we’d grab a few cuddly photos of the wee one on his own.  Similar to his birth story, Raynor had a plan of his own.  He would not be lulled into a milk fantasy nor be content right after a feeding.  In fact, he was still hungry and very much awake and wanted everyone there to know that fact.  And similar to his birth story, with a little patience and determination, we were successful in capturing some special first moments of Meaghann and Darren and the newest member of their family.   And don’t you just love this little guy’s custom paintings in his room!  Painted by a collection of loved ones including his mom and an homage to his Navy dad.

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