Meet Coralie

I can’t tell you how exciting it is for me to be invited into our clients homes during such a special time. From the intimacy of the wedding, to being able to follow through the years documenting the most intimate moments of their lives, we have a special job indeed and it’s not one we take lightly. We arrived in the city to find what we knew of as the “children” behind bars. We recognized their sad faces instantly as they stared out, realizing they are no longer the babies of the family. What a difference from the wedding day when they had bow-ties and tutus and were the stars of the show. Sorry puppies… there is a new girl in town… and it is Coralie. She was only a few days old and Felicia and Duggan were still settling into life as parents. They both looked exhausted and excited, a feeling those who have been through it know all too well. No one tells you how rough it really is. And I am pretty sure when Felicia booked us prior to actually giving birth she didn’t register this photography session would be the first time she got out of her PJs in a week (it is easier to breast feed, and let’s face it, you are way to exhausted to even contemplate what you are going to wear). She didn’t think how exhausting it would actually be to have some one over, let along do a photo shoot. Or the fact that Coraline might be actually be crying or sleeping or that she would have little tiny baby pimples for the photos (Duggan requested we photo shop those out for her modeling portfolio). After having a child, everything you know goes out the window and you just have to roll with the punches. It is the best time and the hardest time of your life. It feels like you can’t endure another sleepless night, you wonder why you decided to do this to yourself… and then next thing you know this little thing you created starts to smile. And then she learns to walk and she tells you she loves you – and you become a proud partent as you watch your creation grow into a beautiful being. You forget about those sleepless nights, those times she pooped on you, the photo shoot where she cried the whole time, and you kind of giggle at those little baby pimples because it was during a time in her life when you were the one she needed most.  We feel very lucky that our clients allow us in to documents these beautiful times in their lives.  

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