Meaghann and Darren and Bump

Sometimes after staring at someone’s face for hours editing wedding photos, you start to feel like you already know them especially when Jaime and Dennis do such an amazing job of capturing their range of emotions and intimate moments on their wedding day.  So saying I was a little nervous to meet Meaghann and Darren may be a drastic understatement.  I knew they would be fun and happy but I had no idea how sweet and adorable these two were going to be in person. Something that always stuck with me that a priest once said was that the most important thing to a married person is their spouse and this is the best way to teach your children about love.  As a young person at the time, I thought it was strange.  Shouldn’t your children be the most important thing to a parent?  But then as I earned a few years of wisdom (ok, got older), I realized how profound this notion can be if you don’t resist the concept.  And then I had a child.  And then I met Meaghann and Darren and the whole thing was a moment of “YES! I totally agree!!”  As the epitome of eternal optimism, this is a couple that will be outstanding parents.  

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