Los Angeles is one of the great cities and, while we don’t live as close as we once did, we travel and shoot there enough to feel very much like a Los Angeles wedding photographer. The city’s diverse weddings are what appeal most to us as wedding photojournalists (and the legendary southern California weather is pretty nice too). There’s so much more to Los Angeles than meets the eye and after years of photographing celebrity weddings, Persian weddings, urban weddings, hotel weddings, malibu weddings, mansion weddings, and private estate weddings there, we feel we owe a debt of gratitude to the city of Angeles for providing us with so many inspirational shoots over the 10 plus years we have been photographing weddings.

When asked, people typically have a black and white opinion of Los Angeles, they either love it or hate it. We love it! True, it can be a little overwhelming at first, but the more time you spend there, the more it grows on you and reveals its complex character (and characters). We’ve been fortunate to photograph the full-spectrum of venues in perfect Los Angeles from private homes in Malibu and Hollywood to historic hotels and mansions to simple beach weddings and everything in between.

Downtown Los Angeles offers every option imaginable for your wedding day, and the city itself has a lot to offer visiting guests as well. From the ubiquitous film crews shooting upcoming feature films on closed-off city blocks or film school students shooting shorts in a corner of the neighborhood noodle bar, the visual arts are deeply woven into life in Los Angeles and it does make a person feel inspired to create. Our visual storytelling with raw emotion approach is well suited to Los Angeles wedding photography.

For an urban wedding ceremony in a re-purposed smog shop, the (appropriately named) Smog Shoppe is a great space with ample room and a gorgeous living succulent wall that is a blank canvas for your wedding vision.

To illustrate the vast array of options within Los Angeles, Rancho Del Cielo wedding photography takes you high above Malibu to a hilltop farmhouse reminiscent of early California. Set amongst newly oak trees and olive groves, this is a beautifully bohemian Malibu wedding venue.

For casual elegance atop Pacific Palisades and just a short sprint from the lights and action of the Santa Monica pier, a Bel Air Bay Club wedding is the perfect mix of traditional and modern feel. Their sprawling lawn can accommodate large weddings and the upstairs ballroom keeps the day focused and all in one place so you can enjoy your guests rather than getting stuck in beach traffic.

If history and architecture are important to you, Greystone Mansion (otherwise known as Doheny Mansion) offers hollywood wedding photography at its absolute best. The mansion has been used for a long list of movies since 1947 and has endless potential for the best wedding portrait photography imaginable.

In addition, we have worked with many other private estates and rental properties that we could put you in contact with if you’re looking for more of a private Los Angeles estate wedding.

If you are a celebrity or public figure or just require an elevated level of service, we have have celebrity wedding photography experience and work extremely well dealing with clients needing additional levels of privacy. If needed, added service and support is available to handle any celebrity wedding public relations image requests for PR use and immediate press release after the wedding.

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