Lavender Blood Orange Martini

This is a really nice summertime drink that’s actually quite well balanced and not as sweet as the ingredients might lead you to believe.  In the spirit of full disclosure, we tried a LOT of different combinations of ingredients that were suggested by you and struggled to make something work for us.  We have a newfound respect for the local, neighborhood bartenders who can just “throw” a couple of ingredients together and make a tasty cocktail;  easier said than done.
1 Cup honey
2.5 Cups filtered water
5-6 Sprigs of fresh Lavender
Blood Oranges
Lime & Sugar (to rim the glass)
Add first three ingredients to a saucepan and simmer, stirring constantly until honey is mixed well and sauce begins to reduce slightly (10-15 minutes).
Transfer simple lavender honey syrup mix to the refrigerator, let cool.
When syrup mixture has chilled, add equal parts syrup, Vodka, and fresh squeezed blood orange juice to a martini shaker and top up with ice cubes.  Rim half the outside of a Martini glass by gently rubbing with a quarter of a lime and then rotating the outer portion of the glass in sugar.  Pour in the cocktail and enjoy!