Joshua Tree

We had a weekend off! We decided to take our camper van, affectionately known as “The Camel” to Joshua Tree. We went in a caravan with the Burt Family – good friends of Dennis’ from college and their 4 children – the youngest only 2 weeks old (yes Mia and Jed are wicked cool parents). We stayed for 3 days, and went bike riding, rock climbing, nature walking, bug hunting, plant and cactus identifying, did some sitting by the camp fire, S’more roasting, cooking, and at the end of the day, the kids snuggled up up in The Camel and watched a movie on our laptop as we did some wine drinking! Overall, a successful trip!

joshuatree09-233.jpgjoshuatree09-032_1.jpg joshuatree09-035_1.jpg joshuatree09-038.jpg joshuatree09-041.jpg

joshuatree09-015.jpgjoshuatree09-029.jpgjoshuatree09-043.jpg joshuatree09-045.jpgjoshuatree09-053.jpg joshuatree09-057.jpg joshuatree09-064.jpg joshuatree09-065.jpg joshuatree09-068.jpg joshuatree09-077.jpg joshuatree09-080.jpg joshuatree09-120.jpg joshuatree09-137.jpg joshuatree09-318.jpg joshuatree09-150.jpg joshuatree09-147_1.jpg joshuatree09-156_1.jpg joshuatree09-168.jpg joshuatree09-218.jpg joshuatree09-219.jpg joshuatree09-231.jpgjoshuatree09-240.jpg joshuatree09-241.jpg joshuatree09-244.jpg joshuatree09-247.jpg joshuatree09-264.jpg joshuatree09-303.jpgjoshuatree09-357.jpgjoshuatree09-304_1.jpg joshuatree09-306_1.jpg joshuatree09-325_1.jpg joshuatree09-328_1.jpg