In memory of James Grubb

Kiri’s voice was sweet and collected when she called to see if we would be available to photograph her wedding.  She went on to tell us that it would be coming up very soon and that the date had been pushed up because doctors just discovered a tumor on her fiancé James’ brain. The cancer appeared to be quite aggressive and doctors were not giving him favorable odds of living for more than a few months.  In the face of such sobering news, Kiri and James decided not to waste any more time and be married straight-away. A few weeks later, on the outskirts of Timaru, New Zealand…Kiri and James were married. Kiri and James’ 1 year anniversary arrived…and departed, and it was clear that James still had a whole lot of living left to do.  Kiri and James made the most out of every day – each a new gift.  By the time they brought beautiful Henry into the world,  James had already far outlived all early estimates given by his doctors.  James was there for the birth of his son and got to watch him grow from just a wee handful of love into a proper 4-year old boy. We received news yesterday that James had passed away and our hearts hang low;  Cancer again taking one life,  and impacting so many others. As I’m sitting down in front of my computer, I’ve got my iTunes player set to shuffle and this song comes on that makes me lose it a bit.  The song is called A Place for Your and it’s by the New Zealand band  Breaks Co-Op.  The song was special to Kiri and James and featured in their wedding day.


I hadn’t heard the song for years so it was a bit of a shock when, out of all the 8,500 songs in my music library, that particular song got shuffled in today. I’m pretty sure that on their wedding day back in December of 2007, Kiri and James would’ve done anything to guarantee another year together but instead, they got 7.  As a family, they took that gift of time and made memories they could’ve only dreamed of back on that brilliant afternoon back in 2007. James Grubb – husband, father, son, musician, Diem-Carper…and friend to so many people.  You will be missed.

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