Happy Anniversary to My Best Friend

On this day in 2005, on the outskirts of Chiang Mai, Thailand, Jaime and I made our love for each other official.  8 years on and…what an amazing journey it has been. Shortly after we made our commitment to each other, we bought a lovely home in Dunedin, New Zealand and began Viera Photographics.  Not content with a singular challenge, the formation of our business happened the same day we found out that we were pregnant!  273 days later, we were parents to a boy we thought would be called Elliot, but on the second day of his life…was definitely an Alexander.  That was the day that I became a father and Jaime, a mother;  Our lives and how we defined ourselves and each other would be never be the same from that point on. By agreeing to be my partner through whatever life throws our way, I became the worlds luckiest fella on that January day back in 2005.  Jaime is a strong character – ambitious and focused – and she’s not afraid of making big,  life-changing decisions for the good of our family.  Jaime’s life work and end goal, however, has always been to try and simplify our life; to arrive at a quiet, peaceful place where we can just enjoy each other and life’s simple pleasures.  The Buddha is quoted as saying “life is struggle” and I think at some point or another in our lives, we can agree this is good wisdom.  Life is a struggle – sometimes more than others – but, as with Thai cooking, you need sour to fully appreciate sweet and maintain balance. It’s only possible to glimpse so far into your future, but I know that regardless of what comes next, I couldn’t imagine anyone else standing by my side as we continue our journey together.  I love you Jaime!

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