Happy 6th Birthday Alex!

This year, we thought we’d give our growing boy more of a say in his birthday celebration. The immediate feedback that we got from him was that we don’t make it “our” party, rather he just wanted a few of “his” friends and just those from school, and NO parents;  After weeks of back to back jobs, driving, flying, and having just finished a job late into the night the day before…it was hard for us to argue! Alex is a big fan of  Lego Ninjago and his mom is a big fan of estate sale deals. Having scored three 30 gallon storage bins FULL of legos at a local estate sale last year for just 20 bucks (yes – Jaime is a legend),  we decided upon the lego theme.  Despite a house full of legos, the Softub spa still saw the most action.  I thought it’d be nice to send the kids home with a photo of them with Alex for their goodie bag, so I shot BW polaroids with my Mamiya, occasionally backing up a few with my Pentax 67.  All I can say is that kids are very, very funny. With Alex’s birthday exactly three weeks before my own, it’s around this time each year that I think back to 2006 – the year I received my best birthday gift ever.  I love you Alex!  

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