Guatemala – Part II

Here are a few more from our recent trip to Guatemala.  What an amazing country and such beautiful people.  For a country roughly the size of Tennessee, it encompasses such diverse topography and climate.  Our trip was confined primarily to the highlands but the country also has beautiful beaches on the Pacific coast and dense, lush jungles stretching from the highlands to the Caribbean coast.

001_Guatemala_2010_083.jpg 002_Guatemala_2010_233.jpg

Our hike beyond the town of Santa Cruz to Los Dos Miradores (with Alex strapped to Jaime’s back – good effort!)
Alex napping on a mountainside corn field
004_Guatemala_2010_240.jpg 005_Guatemala_2010_401.jpg
Chile Verde
I’ve had a lot of potatoes in my time but the potatoes we ate in Guatemala were some of the best ever.
007_Guatemala_2010_412.jpg 008_Guatemala_2010_413.jpg 009_Guatemala_2010_434.jpg
Our second foiled attempt at climbing up to the crater lake overlooking Chicabal Volcano.
 010_Guatemala_2010_445.jpg 011_Guatemala_2010_462.jpg
I optimized my white balance to absolute neutral (which is rare) to render the amazing colors as they actually are.  Such beautiful color and distress.
012_Guatemala_2010_465.jpg 013_Guatemala_2010_498.jpg 014_Guatemala_2010_525.jpg 015_Guatemala_2010_527.jpg 016_Guatemala_2010_603.jpg 017_Guatemala_2010_583.jpg
Just like the Mayans did it!
Not all dogs on our trip were too keen to have Alex invading their personal space (much to his disappointment) but this one was quite taken with him.
Franck the French Chocolatier – Antigua.  What a great guy, he let us watch and photograph his chocolate making process and was very liberal with his free sample policy.  All his products incorporate the amazing variety found within Guatemala from Cardamom to Chiles to giant Cocoa beans.  So delicious.
021_Guatemala_2010_737.jpg 022_Guatemala_2010_760.jpg
Who needs a motor?
023_Guatemala_2010_762.jpg 024_Guatemala_2010_770.jpg
Guatemala – where even the rent-a-cop’s get serious firepower.  The police guarding the banks never  let me take a photo and strapped with AK-47’s, I felt snapping a candid of them probably wouldn’t be too wise but this fella was much more relaxed.  Check the bullet hole in the windshield…
The end.

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