Guatemala – Part I

Here’s the first of two photo installments from our recent trip to Guatemala.  We’ve opted to talk less up top and put info specific to individual photos beneath them.  Hope you enjoy!
001_Guatemala_2010_010.jpgOur meal a la Mexicana Airlines (yes that is tequila on the left)
002_Guatemala_2010_019.jpg 003_Guatemala_2010_049.jpg
004_Guatemala_2010_052.jpgWalking the streets of Antigua
We’re pretty adventurous but a ferris wheel at a local Guatemalan fair was just a bit outside our comfort zone.
I told myself it wasn’t poisonous…
Quite possibly the worlds best mom.
009_Guatemala_2010_148.jpgThe dock leading up to our little vacation rental in Paxanax being rebuilt above flood waters.  After Hurricane Agatha hit in June, the country had some of the worst flooding in history and raised the level of Lake Atitlán by more than 10 feet.
Juanita – de Santa Cruz del Lago
011_Guatemala_2010_194.jpg 012_Guatemala_2010_201.jpg
Up in the village of Santa Cruz
013_Guatemala_2010_208.jpg 014_Guatemala_2010_217.jpg
Hugo (with the paper airplane) and his friend
No patch of workable volcanic soil goes unplanted; most of the time, with corn.  Here are the fertile hills of Zunil, outside Quetzaltenango (or Xela as it’s referred to by locals).  Alongside the road to Zunil, we saw some of the most beautiful produce we’ve ever seen.
016_Guatemala_2010_267.jpg 017_Guatemala_2010_281.jpg 018_Guatemala_2010_285.jpg 019_Guatemala_2010_300.jpg
“Parque, parque, parque!” These guys hang out of these crammed minivans trying to get a few more people in as they commute between the bus terminals and the town centers.
Me dejas tomarte una foto?  Guatemalan people are extremely camera reticent to the point that if you take their permission without asking, you risk your well being…so I asked whenever I was going to invade someone’s space.  This woman, who’s name I tried desperately to understand but couldn’t after three attempts with my budget Spanglish skills, was very sweet and let me sit with her for a few photos before continuing on her way.
021_Guatemala_2010_313.jpg 022_Guatemala_2010_318.jpg 023_Guatemala_2010_321.jpg 024_Guatemala_2010_337.jpg 025_Guatemala_2010_365.jpg 026_Guatemala_2010_396.jpg
This one’s for Hardy…

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