Fennessy Family 2014

Photographing weddings for us is deeply personal. We get to know our clients with such intimacy, we get to see all the family dynamics, all the little looks, we get to experience everything these people go through one of the most important days of their lives. We feel pretty lucky about that. What we feel even luckier for, however, is when we get to see these clients every year to photograph their growing families. To be able to watch our couples love for each other grow deeper and extend that love to their children, it is truly something special.   Lisa and her family are one of those clients, they have become like family. To see Cole grow into a cheeky active young boy, to see Lisa pregnant with ? – then to experience Cole as an older brother to watch the relationship now between these two boys grow. It really pulls at my heart strings. We met Lisa at the Old Northern Bridge in Boston and planned to shoot and walk around, ending at the Greenway and the awesome carousel. In Jason’s place (he had a valid excuse and was away for work), was Lisa’s amazing nanny. The kids had a blast and by the time they left we were all best friends.  

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