Fay and Jailong

If you’re feeling up for a challenge, schedule a photo shoot in downtown Los Angeles at rush hour…and make sure to use at least three different locations! In all seriousness, Fay and Jailong are one of the sweetest couples we’ve ever been fortunate enough to work with and their shoot was a lot of fun.  Their ease around each other, positive attitude, and complete trust in our (often unpredictable) creative process,  made the shoot and our ambitious schedule a success. The potential for awkwardness can be high when you meet a couple for the first time and you all hop into a Prius full of photo gear and begin a zig-zagging adventure through Los Angeles traffic;  you’re trying to simultaneously hold a conversation whilst avoiding a fender-bender and still make it to your locations within the time you’ve allocated to complete the shoot.  Well there wasn’t a single, awkward moment on this afternoon!  We conversed about everything from weddings in Singapore, to which beverages go best with Japanese food, and often found ourselves returning to the topic of our mutual love of spicy Thai food. Truly a pleasure to meet such a sweet, honest couple that simply love being together.

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