East Coast. 09/10 – Entry 2 New York

Leaving Newport, we headed to New York City for an intense couple of days of work mixed with some further city exploration.  Here are a few more photos from the Rollei and the Pentax 67…shots from the Nikon aren’t too far away!
0001_43560010.jpg 0002_43560007.jpg 0003_43620012.jpg 0004_43580010.jpg 0005_43580011.jpg
              One of my oldest and dearest friends, Robert and his lady, Emily0006_43610003.jpg 0007_43580006.jpg 0008_43610005.jpg 0009_43580001.jpg 0010_43580003.jpg 0011_43580008.jpg 0012_43660011.jpg 0013_43660012.jpg 0014_43610006.jpg 0015_43620001.jpg 0016_43620011.jpg 0017_43610007.jpg 0018_43620004.jpg

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