East Coast. 09/10 – Entry 1 Newport

When you grow up in small-town Newport, Rhode Island you count the days until you’re old enough to escape. 15 years later, however, we count the days until our next job takes us back east.  This time we were back for a wedding in New York City and visited Newport for a handful of days beforehand. I tried desperately to slow down and shoot with my slower, medium format cameras.  This entry is the first handful of some of our favorites.

0001_43570009.jpg 0002_43570010.jpg 0003_43590008.jpg 0004_43590009.jpg 0005_43590010.jpg 0006_43560002.jpg 0007_43600009.jpg 0008_43600003.jpg 0009_43600004.jpg 0010_43560003.jpg 0011_43600008.jpg 0012_43640001.jpg 0013_43640002.jpg 0014_43640003.jpg 0015_43660006.jpg 0016_43660004.jpg 0017_43660001.jpg 0018_43590012.jpg

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