Digging through the vaults

When you wake up on New Year’s day, no matter how impervious to may feel to nostalgia…you probably fall victim, even if only for a few thoughts on days gone by.  Last year was a very busy year for us and we are just now re-establishing our bearings.  We made one of the most difficult – yet ultimately rewarding decisions of our life – when we packed up the family and headed to Sonoma county.  Now, several months later, we’re feeling quite reflective. While delving through the terabytes of digital files and film scans for some upcoming projects, I came across this image of Alex and his three best friends back at our old house in Dunedin, New Zealand.  It’s from our farewell bbq just before we moved back stateside nearly 5 years ago.  The team is fully overwhelmed with cake and sugary drinks and, while at the time I was critical of little things in the photo,  now it just makes me smile.    

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