Destination: Baja

Mexico holds a special place in our hearts;  7 years ago, we held our wedding reception at the Las Rocas Resort  just south of Rosarito and it was one of the most memorable times of our life. Since then, Northern Baja has gone through some tough times and generated a flood of bad press.  Foreigners stopped going to Mexico for fear of being caught up in the narco-violence that has plagued the border region for much of that time, and tourism suffered. We feel that if you’re looking for trouble, you’re probably going to find it  no matter where you are, but if you act properly (and in Mexico, proper is pretty relaxed),  you’ll be just fine. Our friend and photographer, Brian Lima was in town for a few weeks and just before he left, we packed the family into the car and headed south for the first time in 7 years.  We were only able to spend one day there but we’ll be back very soon as it was better than we remembered; uncrowded, friendly, and welcoming (even by the armed guards at the toll plazas who had to help us negotiate just a few sketchy u-turns), delicious food, and of course the beautiful Northern Baja landscape.  One positive sign that things could be changing for the better came to us as we waited in the line to cross back into the U.S.  and approached a disabled American man begging for change.  That definitely put things in a bit of a different perspective.  Photos are by Dennis and Brian Lima. Brian and Alex share a fresh coconut. Jesus is big in Mexico.  Literally. Alex is great at making friends. Scored his first slingshot for 3 bucks! North of the main centre in Rosarito – out of this world but sorry, no vegetarian options. Muy tranquilo Times are tough when you have to go south of the border for handouts.

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