Dennis hates losing

After 11 years together, Dennis finally was able to describe to me his passion for photography… He is afflicted with photos. It finally all makes sense! All the family vacations spent with a camera as the “third wheel”.  All the rooms in my home torn apart and made into makeshift photo studios. The boxes and boxes full of negatives and the 20+ terabytes full of images. Sometimes I feel less of a photographer because I don’t have that affliction.  Having a degree in Bio-Chemistry, I never thought of my self as an artist, I never ever thought I would become a photographer,  and I will be honest, I am in the shadows of one of the best photographers in the world;  I have some serious competition! After all these years, I am still excited to come home and see the photos that Dennis took, to see the world through his eyes. Whether it be a personal trip or a wedding, or even a commercial job. He blows me away every single time (and people that know me know that I am not one to give out undeserved praise, I call it like I see it).  But, I have been thinking about it a lot, and I have come to realize that Dennis and I are different types of photographers, and I am okay with that. Dennis can’t put the camera down, it is his life, he makes art, he is a photographer. But, I tell stories… I am obsessed with humanity the bonds that exsist between people. I am a woman, I have intuition. I see things that people don’t see. I can put the camera down. But when I have it, I am a storyteller… I am a photographer. I am excited that I have placed in the ISPWP’s Spring 2011 contest. And, it does kind of tickle me that I won something and Dennis didn’t (is that mean?)