Dedication to my wife

Jaime is a truly unique person and I am sure I’m among the luckiest of husbands in the entire world to have her as my wife.  There’s nothing she can’t do or at least teach herself to do and have mastered in 48 hours.  When we first met 12 years ago, she was just finding her way around an SLR and now she’s one of my favorite photographer’s (although she’s quick to put the attention back me as the “photographer”).  I used to feel weird and self-conscious shooting with her but now, the sum of our combined work is better than it’s individual parts.  I struggle to stay focused and, organization…well, not my strongest attribute.  Jaime has managed to help me organize myself, my archive of a billion images, and give our business direction that is true to what we love to do and are best at doing.  As a mother to Alex, she’s unbelievable.  Partial home-schooling is not as easy as one might think but she finds time and patience to sit with him during several hours of lessons each day and is always coming up with new ways to get us out of the classroom and into the world where Alex can learn hands-on.  Jaime loves her family almost as much as her iPhone and would do anything for them (us).  She’s not the most PC person you’ll ever meet but I appreciate people that wear their hearts upon their sleeves.  If Jaime is your friend, there is nothing she won’t do for you and if you need to be put in your place, she’ll be the first one to do it.  She’s strong but also extremely delicate and constantly working to make herself the best person she can be (although I don’t think she needs much work). It’s cliche and to be honest, no surprise to anyone moderately intelligent that entering a lifelong commitment with another person is going to be challenging at times;  Cliche, but very true.  My mom taught me to never go to bed angry with someone you love and fortunately for me, Jaime never will.  I scantly remember us having a fight lasting through the night.  The best thing you can hope for out of a marriage or whatever type of life commitment you make to another person is that you will grow together, bettering each other, and I thank you Jaime for making me more me than I ever could have been without you.  Love, Dennis.

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