Built To Spill

Here are a few more 20 or so photos from the recent Built to Spill show at the Belly up Tavern in Solana Beach.  I’ve been a fan of the band since I first heard them in 1994 and after 15 years…I finally got to see them in concert!  What a great show – so much passion and precision – three guiltars harmonizing along with Doug Martsch’s voice – what an amazing sound…

Built_to_Spill_082809_009.jpg Built_to_Spill_082809_014.jpgBuilt_to_Spill_082809_023.jpg Built_to_Spill_082809_041.jpg Built_to_Spill_082809_061.jpgBuilt_to_Spill_082809_079.jpg Built_to_Spill_082809_083.jpg Built_to_Spill_082809_080.jpg Built_to_Spill_082809_090.jpg Built_to_Spill_082809_091.jpg Built_to_Spill_082809_103.jpg
Built_to_Spill_082809_111.jpg Built_to_Spill_082809_119.jpg Built_to_Spill_082809_134.jpg Built_to_Spill_082809_141.jpg Built_to_Spill_082809_146.jpg Built_to_Spill_082809_148.jpg