Blogs are for people with too much time on their hands…

…And I am very jealous of those people.  We could have someone else post our blogs for us, but then the words, thoughts, and ideas are not our own;  the point of our blog is to put you in our shoes for a moment and see the world as we see it. So, this means you have to wait a bit longer in-between posts and deal with fragmented posts occasionally when we feel overwhelmed with images. We are currently overwhelmed with images. My first trip to Europe – 3 days in Paris and 13 days in Turkey – was a big deal and opened my eyes a bit more to reveal just how big, bright, gray, colorful, small, great, joyful, sad, delicate, and brilliant our world is.  I’ve travelled to Asia, Oceana, Central America, and a lot of places in-between with crystal-clear waters and starfish, but nothing was like the experience we had traveling back in time to the places civilization began and evolved.  Photographically, I always prefer to spend a bit of time in a place before getting photo crazy but our time was limited so I basically just shot as much as I could trying to make sense of the overwhelming visual stimulation.  Our first day in Paris was like landing on the moon and I truly didn’t shoot that much to begin with as there was too much to take in.  I have to apologize to my wife that our romantic-Paris-love-affair ended up more of a freaky-photographic-three-way…but it all worked out in the end! As we edit through images from our trip, we will post various photos over the next week along with some thoughts but for now, here’s one!  

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