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Whitney and Terry Engagement Session

Whitney and Terry met when they both attended Cornel College together. Though the time wasn’t quite right for the pair, the sparks were defiantly there. Five years past and Terry couldn’t get Whitney out of his mind. As fate would have it, they both found themselves single and living in New York City. A mutual friend provided Terry her number and Terry proceeded to try and arrange a date, perhaps now the time was right? After several failed attempts and a few canceled dates (for legitimate reasons I might add) – Terry was discouraged. Perhaps this wasn’t what he thought it was? With the encouragement of the mutual friend, Terry persevered and Whiney finally made it to a date. I guess you can say the rest is history.

We met the pair on the Brooklyn side of the Brooklyn bridge with a super ambitious itinerary that had us walking down cobblestoned side streets, attempting to cross into the city in an Uber and bailing that for the subway when we got stuck in too much traffic, drinking whiskey at the small super cute cafe where they had their first date, and finally ending in Central Park. These two are quite the pair, their relationship is so full of life and love – it was infectious. We can’t wait for the wedding!





Avry and Layla

We met Avry and Layla at Sunset Park in Braintree, MA on a beautiful fall day. Avry informed us that she wanted one photo for her Christmas card and in typical Viera style, we gave her 239 photos to choose from (to be exact). How can we be expected to give only one with a mother and daughter combo like this? Their energy was infectious, their love was strong and Layla is a firecracker! Here are a few Christmas card worthy favorites!


H & E

H & E met on a backpacking trip in college. Being a city girl on her first camping trip ever, she had two backpacks full of supplies (you never know what you will need in the woods). Being the polite strong man that he is, he offered to carry one of her backpacks. This simple, but profound act of kindness sparked a great friendship. Fast forward 4 years and the two set off on a European backpacking trip where the foundation they laid as friends became something more and they feel deeply in love.

H & E are both very in to photography and especially into photography gear, which is awesome, but also make us a little nervous. :) We decided to meet during golden hour at the ship wreck in Point Reyes and we spent the next few hours chasing the sun and tiki touring around the Point Reyes Area. These two were easy, in love and fun. It was hard to take a bad photo, which calmed our nerves greatly. We feel so lucky to have such awesome clients.


Lucy and Andrew

Andrew and Lucy’s story began when they were high school sweethearts. Although they went their separate ways for a few years, love (and perhaps fate) reconnected them, and they’ve never looked back.  So keen to marry the love of his life, Andrew actually booked us in before proposing to Lucy (she said yes, of course!).

Lucy and Andrew work together and we can say from firsthand experience, that if you can successfully accomplish working together (i.e., be alongside your partner day in and day out and still love the crap out of each other), you’re golden!  We met them in San Francisco’s Inner Sunset district on a cool, gray afternoon and despite dressing more for sunny South Bay heat than a cool autumn afternoon, neither let that affect their enthusiasm for our shoot!  We walked around a colorful neighborhood in the Sunset and the sun finally emerged to greet us.  We continued north to the Golden Gate National Recreation Area, a wildly serene finger jutting out into the pacific just north of the city of San Francisco and bid farewell to another great day in the city by the bay.


Shauna and Vinay – Western Wedding Day

Many of our clients tell us at the end of their wedding day, that if they could do it all over again the next day, they would.  Shauna and Vinay actually did it! Following their Hindu wedding ceremony at the Kunde Family Estate, they held a western ceremony (minus the spurs and lasso’s) the very next day. It was truly a perfect early Autumn afternoon as Shauna changed into her elegant gown at the Hill House surrounded by all her best friends. The weather was perfect, the the mood was jovial, and the anticipation was high –  so much so that Shauna couldn’t hep her self but to take a sneak peak of Vinay as he was rounding the corner for their first look. These two are like a couple of teenagers in love… really.

Atop the impossibly beautiful Boot Hill, the ceremony was performed by one of Shauna’s best friends. And under the canopy of gnarly native oaks in front of a sea of smiling faces, the couple vowed to spend their life together. Shauna’s freshly painted henna added subtle contrast to her white wedding dress, and tied the weekend’s festivities together beautifully as they completed the joining of families and cultures.

Guests were treated to some incredible food, wine, and lawn games with the hauntingly beautiful sounds of Marty O’Reilly and the Old Soul Orchestra.  Dinner service began as the moon rose off to the east and speakers peppered the courses with emotional and hilarious tales of the lives of these two incredible people.  As is often the case at weddings, we have a hard time knowing when to stop, so as we packed the car to head off home, we couldn’t resist setting up for one last starry sky photo to try and relate how insanely beautiful of an evening it was.


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