Bay to Breakers

We travel up to San Francisco quite a lot for weddings. This year especially, most of our weddings are in the Bay Area… which we love because we have a lot of really good friends in the area that we enjoy seeing often. Two of them being, Hardy Wilson, our associate photographer, and the super talented, Anthony Kurtz. When they learned we would be in the area the weekend of the Bay to Breakers, they were exited to drag us along and show us newbies how to do it. I had NO IDEA what I was in for, so of course I got on Wilkipedia to see what it was all about. The Bay to Breakers is an annual foot race started in 1912 to lift the city’s sprits after the earthquake of 1906. The race starts at The Embarcadero and runs west 7.4 miles through the city finishing at Ocean Beach. Until 2010 it was officially the worlds largest footrace, listed in the Guinness Book of World records with 110,000 participants. Somewhere along the line it became more of a moving party dress up debaucherous craziness. Large numbers of race “bandits” walk the course behind dressed in costumes (or nothing at all) and stop to attend impromptu parties dotted along the way with DJs or bands (or simply a boom box). There is, of course, the fair amount of drunkiness, as you can see from the Viera Photographics team, we had none of that. Ok… Well a little… but we blame it on the eclipse. [NOTE: No judging allowed (especially for Hardy in his bull suit – he promises not to wear that to your wedding). It is was holds bared]  

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