3 days in Paris

The only thing I felt I’d had enough of after our short, three-day visit to Paris, was the cheesy Croque Monsieur (sounds MUCH fancier than ham and cheese).   My poor wife was outnumbered by 5 cameras – all of which fit nicely into a small camera backpack, however – and I hope our photos make up for all the times I got distracted and disappeared down an alley or under a bridge or spent long stretches of time clearing airport security, pleading for hand inspections of my film. There’s a lot you could say that’s already been said of the city esteemed in nostalgic romance – the meandering cobblestone streets, patisseries on every corner, and the seemingly ubiquitous Eiffel Tower – instead, I’ll cut it here and post some photos that document our first few days on my first trip to Europe. This sounds crazy, but made it a point to have no destinations the whole 3 days, we literally just scootered or walked the streets until we saw something cool… then we stopped.  One thing that left a lasting impression was the roller-blading cops;  can you imagine a high-speed pursuit of a thief on foot being chased by a couple of those bad-boys?  Forget about it!  

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